Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I remembered, just a few minutes ago, that my father went to ALA midwinter, and that just maybe he had picked up a few advance reader copies for me. In the past he's come back with stacks and stacks of books. (I always pick up quite a few, myself, whenever I go to a conference.) However, in the not too distant past we had a conversation about the number of books I seem to accumulate and he asked, "Should I not bring back any more books for you?"

I responded, "Only if they're young adult or children's books." Last year he brought be a banker's box full of adult fiction. It all looked wonderful, but I have yet to read any of it. So, now I know I have a handful of ARCs headed my way, and I'm giddy at the prospect. Will he have remembered my words? Will the box include Laurie Halse Anderson's Twisted? As an academic librarian he doesn't know the authors that are a must pick up if the galley is available.

It's not like I don't already have a large stack of things to read, not like I'm woefully behind on my reading. (Only now am I finally getting around to finishing The House of the Scorpion.) Nevertheless, my heart goes pitty-pat at the thought of brand new advance reader copies.

I'll post when I receive the package, and my reactions to the books.


feefers said...

Damn, you're lucky.

storygirl said...

I feel even luckier because I didn't have to haul the books through an airport.