Monday, June 18, 2007

The New Librarian Experience

The number of articles and testimonies I've heard about the disconnect from library school and actual librarianship is too great to count. This issue is something I've been thinking about since taking Programming for Teens with Ria Newhouse, co-author of Fixing the First Job. I'm no longer a "lemony fresh" librarian, neither am I still in my first job, but all and all I still feel more like a newcomer than not.

I love being a librarian, and I love my job, but that does not mean that this profession and job are perfect. I find myself struggling, when I have the time, to figure out how I can work to both improve myself and contibute more to the profession.

This is not really where I intended this post to go. I really wanted to comment on the fact that now I get why librarians talk about being so busy. . .

And here it is, 19 days after I started this post. I finally have time to go back and look at the drafts I've saved and I no longer remember the idea that sparked this one. It's taken two years for me to reach that insanity inducing level of activity (and that's only because it is now summer). I wonder what surprises still await as I continue to grow as a librarian.

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