Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summation of 48 Hour Book Challenge

During the 48 Hour Book Challenge . . .

Time spent actually reading: about 11 hours
Number of books read: 2 and 2 halves
Number of pages read: 815

Books read:
1. The second half of Runaways vol. 3 (hardcover) - As a graphic novel, I'm not sure that this counts toward the challenge, but I include it because I figure it does take me about the same amount of time to read. I was very glad to finally get around to finishing this, as it's been sitting on my couch for a couple of weeks. And after finishing I really wanted to get to some of the comics also on stand by, but as they really wouldn't count I dove into my BEA stack.

2. Fourth Comings by Megan McCafferty - Another solid addition to the series started with Sloppy Firsts and the third BEA galley I've gotten to. (Being more intimately familiar with the setting of the series tickled me. I'll have to go back and read book one again.) I kept making myself come back to the book, or leave it to pack for an hour, so this took most of day one.

(Note: at the end of day 1 I contemplated blogging and, uh, did not. I'm always more eloquent and witty when I contemplate blogging.)

3. Jinx by Meg Cabot - There's nothing like waking up and staying in bed to read some fluffy fiction before doing anything else. Though I sometimes want to scream while reading Meg Cabot's teen girl characters they're still enjoyable enough to make reading a book in one sitting possible.

4. the beginning of Ironside by Holly Black - There was just too much else I had to do today, and the story wasn't compelling enough to keep me riveted after already spending so much time reading.

Book choice had a major impact on my desire to read long stretches at a time. I've been regretting leaving The Road on my desk at work all day long. Though I spent at least a little more time devoted to reading than usual this weekend, and I did repeatedly make myself return to a book, I don't feel like I really pushed myself.
It's amazing just how long 48 hours actually is. And I'm now appalled by how much I don't accomplish on most weekends.

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