Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Past

I'm thankful that I was so busy and had so many guests for Thanksgiving that I spent a week preparing. (The parents were here, as well as all of my dad's family.)

I'm thankful that when Knuffle Bunny was mentioned on Ugly Betty I wasn't the only one in the room cheering. And that I had a cute stuffed Knuffle Bunny and the book on hand to show those who are not so familiar with children's literature.

I'm thankful that the library's resources provided me with a fantastic (and new) Thanksgiving menu.

Most of all I'm thankful that I seem to be getting over my days of excessive worrying (it's about time!). See, it's nearly a week after the holiday and I'm not worried that I'm posting about it so late.


Abby said...

You have a stuffed Knuffle Bunny?? How awesome!!

2ndgenlibrarian said...

It is indeed awesome. I found it at my local book store, but am told it is the mini version. It doesn't matter. I want to carry it around with me everywhere - just like Trixie.