Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Toddler Time session 3

Opening Song: Let’s All Clap . . .
Song: Shake your Sillies Out
Rhyme: Jump, Jump, Jump
Book: Freight Train by Donald Crews
Song: Wheels on the Bus
Book: Away We Go by Rebecca Kai Dotlich
Song: Drive the Firetruck
Music and Bubbles
Action: Wave your nose . . .

I know this isn’t the order I went in, and I know I added something else. This is why I have to type of my reactions right after the program. I do remember that I couldn’t remember some of my songs. Luckily the parents didn’t make anything of it.

A parent finally commented on the fact that my programs aren't as long as the baby program my colleague runs. I did not mention, like I should have, that I designed short programs for short toddler attention spans. I don't know how my coworker does it with the babies. Instead, I told her I was working on making my programs longer, which is true.

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