Friday, March 23, 2007

CJRLC Tech Challenge - Update

I signed up for this challenge and have been doing a poor job keeping up with it, so far.

1.Register with Blogger (or another service) and set up a blog Obviously done

2. Start a Flickr photo account Um, I set up the account, but haven't uploaded any pictures yet, because I haven't figured out what pictures to use. Though I do have a personal account I've been using for awhile.

3. Subscribe to an aggregator like Bloglines and set up RSS feeds from blogs or websites. I've tried Bloglines in the past and will have to give it another go. Usually I create feeds of the blogs I read and add them to LiveJournal, where my personal blog is hosted.

4. Read about Web 2.0 and Library 2.0; post some comments on your blog.

5. Learn to use at least one of the following: LibraryThing, Google Maps, Delicious, Squidoo I've been using GoogleMaps as my default directional tool for a couple of years now. I'm still figuring out Delicious and Squidoo and haven't started a LibraryThing account yet.

6. Teach someone else how to use one of the technologies described above! I've been helping a colleague figure out Blogger.

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