Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Friday Five (on Saturday)

You try posting when you work all day and then drive an hour to a concert. And I'm shamelessly stealing ideas from The Friday Five, because I feel brain dead today.

1. The concert was excellent! My first time going to a concert by myself and my first time in a casino, all good. In the future, however, I'll try to avoid concerts when I have to work the next day.

2. Cupcakes do work when you put jellybeans in the bottom of the paper cups. It makes a beautiful stained glass effect on the bottom, and adds some fun flavors. Unfortunately, the jellybeans mostly stuck to the paper.

3. I've studied both Spanish and Japanese, and really wish I had maintained my language skills. A group of us from work went to a Japanese restaurant for sushi yesterday and I was appalled at how little I understood the chatter around me. There just haven't been many opportunities to practice the languages - and I get stage fright. It's silly I know.

4. A librarian friend of mine has started having monthly get togethers with other faculty, during which they all experiment with a different international cuisine. What fun! Wish I could join in - if only they weren't hundreds of miles away.

5. I can never keep track of my name tag for work. I actually have two now, so the chances of my finding one are higher. The thing is, one has nice buttons on it (Batman, Superman, Willy Wonka, Twilight). The other one does not. I miss the buttons.

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Jenny said...

If you lived closer, you would be invited to our international dinners! I have a stack of African cookbooks on hold for me at the library to start research for next time.

I know what you mean about language stuff - I used to be able to converse in Spanish and I feel like it is as if I never knew it.

I love the jelly-bean/cupcake idea!