Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Friday Five (on Sunday)

1. I'm in the middle two books right now. I never used to read more than one at a time. Now I have two or three or four going all the time. In some ways I think this detracts from the reading experience. I don't find myself as deeply engrossed in the stories anymore. Maybe I'll have to make a really concerted effort and go back to one book at a time.

2. Second Life
I've been hearing more and more about Second Life, so I started an account and am trying to figure it all out. As I type this I'm getting a sense of deja vu that I've posted about this before, but I can't find it. At any rate, I've not been able to get a good sense of the game because it keeps crashing on me. The time I have spent there seems somewhat pointless. So can someone explain what the point is? (And this is coming from someone who plays Sims.)

3. DDR
My place of work has frequent DDR and gaming events for the teens, but we have yet to implement it for the younger kids. I know a lot of them have asked about it. Does anyone else offer gaming for younger kids? Do you often programs for the whole age span? I'm just curious.

4. Are you more like your mother or your father?
This is an interesting question for me, even just in the career department. My dad and I can talk cataloging, library system software, reference service philosophy, how new technology trends can be used in libraries . . .
My mom and I can talk about child development, puppets, reading out loud/storytelling, behavior management . . .
And yet I don't (and won't) have the level of expertise on most of these topics that they do. It is an peculiar crossroads .

5. Celebrity Authors
I think my favorite picture book by a celebrity author is Snowball Fight by Jimmy Fallon. It is just a lot of fun. I don't think I've ever successful made a snowball, let alone participated in a snowball fight.


Nicki said...

1. I just heard that YALSA is looking for book reviewers. Reading several books at once (for reviewing purposes, booktalking, and pleasure) came up as a deterent from taking on any more reading responsibilites. A coworker liked reading several books in succession to bed hopping! You really don't take the time to really read and reflect on something (or someone) before moving on to the next and it really does detract from the experience. I agree!

2. I am reading up on it myself! I'll let you know if I have any brilliant insights.

3. DDR rocks!

4. My father is a retired English instructor (hum, obvious influence there) and my mom is a professional housewife (having raised 6 healthy and intelligent kids - again, her influence is clear. I work with teens every day!)

5. I haven't read a celebrity book (does J.K. count?). Are their any writing YA?

Nicki said...

Ok, speaking of little kids and gaming - CHECK THIS OUT! He's only 22 months old and playing Wii tennic. Incredible!

2ndGenLibrarian said...

Heh, love the kid. It's almost hard to believe that's real.

I don't know of any celebrity authors for YA lit. It is a little harder to pass yourself off as competent when writing a novel vs. a picture book.