Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Five - Old(er) Movies

My place of work has been ordering older titles on DVD, which has prompted me to reminisce on movies that impacted my childhood. Some of these are quite embarrassing.

1. Mannequin - This was one of my favorites for quite awhile. I'll still and watch if I happen to see it is on.

2. Ladybugs - I think this is the first movie I went to see without a family member. OMG - the Jonathan Brandis love was strong enough to make me disregard Rodney Dangerfield.

3. My Fair Lady - This is one of the 2 or 3 movies I've watched at least once a year. I grew up on musicals and this was my favorite.

4. The Neverending Story - I probably watched this more than any other movie. I wore the tape out, watching it day after day. I would watch it, rewind, and watch it again. I was too young for the book at the time. It's a good book.

5. The Princess Bride - Another of those movies that pales in comparison to the book, but is still fantastic. (READ THE BOOK!) And one of those silly movies we watched over and over again (like Spaceballs).

I could mention things like Fried Green Tomatoes, cause I remember my mom being impressed I got some of the more sophisticated jokes. Or the memory of being afraid of watching my first R rated movie (I worried about it all day). Sadly I don't even remember what the movie was. But, the Friday Five, is five for some arbitrary reason, and I'll stick to that.

Now it's back to waiting for Spiderman and Shrek and Harry Potter. Finally some movies I'll actually shell out money for.

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