Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hero by Perry Moore
This is a galley I've really been looking forward to.

What could be more fun that a world filled with super heroes? Except your dad used to be one and now hates the whole "league". So you have to keep your new powers from him. Plus he doesn't like homosexuals, so one more thing you have to hide. Let's just say that Thom, our main character, isn't having such an easy life right now. Not to mention his mother has disappeared, he's been kicked off the basketball team and some body's following him.

What I liked:
The cover kicks ass. It's a simple white with a black eye mask filling the center. The title is below in a rainbow, but not an obvious one. I could go on and on about masks and all the different types of masks (literal and metaphorical) people wear in this book.

The different levels (and ages) of superheroes and the bizarre abilities some of them posses. One man has the ability to make anyone he comes in contact with get ill, and he can pick the disease!

This book probably suffered from my expectations a fair bit. It felt disjointed and characterization was inconsistent. That said, I love the world that Moore has created.

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