Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Five

This week is so screwy I almost posted the Friday Five yesterday.

1. My list of books I'm waiting for apparently has a limit I didn't set. I noticed this morning that when I added a new one it pushed the bottom one off. How am I supposed to remember what I'm waiting for now? Guess I'd better have a backup list. I'll have to hunt down the list maker tool I remember Sarah Dessen mentioning in her blog.

2. How do we feel about the color orange? (Just a question I'm asking every one.)

3. I'm decidedly not weighing in on the whole kerfuffle over blog reviewers. It's ridiculous. I'm just trying to improve my reviewing skills. I enjoy it, but would like to be better at it.

4. Buffy. Knitting. How awesome?

5. The weather is absolutely gorgeous today! It doesn't matter than things have been completely out of whack and that some days it feels like there is something seriously wrong with this world. I'm just happy to see the sun again.


Jenny said...

1. I have a Google docs/spreadsheets account (free) so that I can access my To Read and Read lists from anywhere. It has worked out amazingly well.

2. I adore it. This is new for me. I now have an orange raincoat and two orange shirts.

2ndGenLibrarian said...

1. Cool. I'll have to start a list up there.

2. I too, have recently discovered just how much I love orange. I'm considering using it as the main color of my living room once I move. I'd like something bright to counteract all my heavy/dark furniture.

Abby said...

I enjoy orange. I need more orange in my wardrobe because I have these awesome earrings that have orange feathers... and I have discovered that they don't go with anything I own... Doh.

Anonymous said...

I have never been able to handle orange, but I like peach or salmon. And orange could be a cheerful color for your living room. (I prefer jewel tones.)

I loved the Eiffel sweater pattern on the Buffy Knits link, but I'm still at the level where I'm working on a scarf for Natalie's Molly doll. (It will be just like Natalie's sweater, but smaller.)