Monday, May 21, 2007

Family Place, Parent/Child Workshop

Last Tuesday was my first foray into Family Place programming. It was a hit with only one or two exceptions, but I'm betting tomorrow will be the real test.

The exceptions?
1) Everyone was completely exhausted by the end (including myself) with little energy/interest left for what was to be our closing routine.
2) The closing routine itself. We were in a big echoey room and I did not have to control I would have liked, which made it virtually impossible for me to be heard.

So . . . the good:
I got to see parents and children really interacting and playing together.
Some of those parents got their questions about physical development of toddlers answered.
The kids had a fantastic time.
Administrators actually came to observe.

I love the idea of Family Place and I really want to make this work. (What could be better than a program that advocates for literacy through play, while networking families and community resources?!) Everything regarding Family Place (and my department in general) is in transition right now and I am excited, but exhausted.

My mission for tomorrow: wear comfortable shoes, get a good night's sleep, rethink the closing.
Next up: try and find out when exactly we're rearranging the department, another component of Family Place.

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