Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I spent much of today assembling and labeling toys for our upcoming 1,2,3 Grow with Me. This will be our first session of the parent/child workshop, a key component to Family Place. I am eternally greatful to my collegue who suggested a dry run for set up. Somehow it had escaped me that everything would have to be unpackaged and assembled.

Back in the fall, when we went to training, excitement and enthusiasm were high. Today, though I'm still excited and enthused about the program, I'm also incredibly nervous. Starting a new program I always find myself freaking out a bit and this one is huge.

We're in the middle of reorganizing our physical space too, as part of the Family Place program. Though I'm in a new building there are still improvements to be made. I'm ecstatic that there seems to be progress on this front, albeit very slow.

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