Friday, May 4, 2007

CJRLC Tech Challenge, Mission Accomplished

On March 23, I posted an update on my status for the CJRLC tech challenge and do believe I'm finished now.

1.Register with Blogger (or another service) and set up a blog Obviously done

2.Start a Flickr photo account Done, see previous post.

3.Subscribe to an aggregator like Bloglines and set up RSS feeds from blogs or websites. I gave bloglines another try, and though I enjoy some of the features I rarely use it. I think this is just a matter of changing my habits. I usually post links to blogs on either my personal blog, this blog, or I bookmark them on my personal computer.

4.Read about Web 2.0 and Library 2.0; post some comments on your blog. Done. See post here.

5.Learn to use at least one of the following: LibraryThing, Google Maps, Delicious, Squidoo I've been using GoogleMaps as my default directional tool for a couple of years now. I've encountered someone with whom I have a lot of bizarre similarities on LibraryThing. Delicious and Squidoo still escape me. I've played around with both, but they seem to fill a function I don't need. (Or at least I don't know I need it.)

6.Teach someone else how to use one of the technologies described above!I've been helping a colleague figure out Blogger.

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