Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I'm back, though still trying to get back into a regular blogging routine. I'm guessing that won't happen until after I move, but I continue to try.

So, as usual ALA was a blast, and as usual I didn't do about 50% of what I wanted and felt vastly guilty about it. I know it would have been impossible to do everything I wanted, but still the guilt is there.

I went to a couple of great programs and a few that weren't so great. This is the first year that I've gone to any speakers or awards and the first year for autographs as well. I still freeze up when face to face with people like Lois Lowry and David Wiesner.

The awards ceremonies were by far the best events of the conference for me. Everyone I heard was an excellent speaker. Susan Patron was absolutely phenomenal. Garrison Keillor, though good, made some unpopular statements along the lines that libraries are quiet cathedrals and should remain unplugged. Um, I'm really curious what library he's been in recently. Though I will admit that I remember that feeling of walking into a sacred space at the college library that was the town's only library.

I'm really still giddy about seeing so many amazing people that I can't think about much else.

So giddy, I almost forgot to mention KidLit Drink Night, as arranged by MotherReader. She has a much fuller report than I could manage, since I showed up about an hour late. (I got lost, again.) Still, lots of fun.

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