Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Five - ALA Authors

I'm still so giddy about all the authors I saw this past week. So here are five I saw (not including the award winners because it would make limiting the list to five extremely difficult).

1. Judy Blume - Unfortunately I missed hearing her speak, and I missed all three of her signings. However, early one morning, I was browsing the booths, they really weren't crowded yet, but I was distracted by something and almost ran into someone. It wasn't until about a minute later I realized that someone was Judy Blume.

2. Lois Lowry - Wow! Just wow! She spoke about the impact of The Giver and read a couple of chapters on the Live @ Your Library Stage. I was moved to tears by the end of the book, again, despite the fact that the sound system crackled and crowds were meandering by. (Technically, she is an award winner. Yay! But I didn't go to that ceremony.)

3. Kenneth Oppel - He was signing copies of a book that's part of a series I haven't read, but I do love his Airborn and Skybreaker.

4. Barry Lyga - Why can I never think of anything more intelligent to say than "I love your book!"? I loved his second too! Review coming.

5. Patrick Jones - I also heard him speak (and read) at the Live @ Your Library stage. Why haven't I read any of his fiction yet?! He's going at the top of my list of authors I need to read.

Only, between BookExpo and ALA I figure I have about a year's worth of books. And that's if I don't check anything out of the library. I'm feeling tremendous pressure to do nothing but read, ever.

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