Tuesday, June 5, 2007


For a more amusing recap of BEA than I could manage, see Book Expo: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Severe Back Pain by Fuse #8.

The highlight for me remains meeting a number of fantastic authors. I made a complete idiot out of myself in front of no less than 5 authors. I don't think Scott Westerfeld really believed that he is one of my favorite authors. Le sigh.

I had made a promise to myself to only take a backpack full of books away from the Javits Center. Alas, that plan was destroyed as soon as I saw a Firefly book that a friend of mine is going to love. I also broke my no poster rule when I came across and Olivia poster. (I may have to wallpaper the second bedroom in my new house with children's book posters.)

On my way out of the building on day 1 I ran into some coworkers and since they offered me a lift home I decided to skip KidLit Drink Night. I'm bummed I missed such a fantastic time, but glad I didn't have to feel awkward around people I don't know after schlepping books around all day and sweating profusely. Also, I was exhausted. I think I'm still recovering.

Day 2 I spent a good deal of time with some friends of a colleague and had as much fun is as possible for me with new people. Most of the afternoon was spent in autograph lines. (See the above comment about making a fool of myself.) Authors I couldn't manage to make coherent conversation with: Susan Jeffers, David Levithan, Rachel Cohn, Libba Bray, Megan McCafferty , Cassandra Clare, Ally Carter, Maryrose Wood, Jo Knowles. I also saw Tim Gunn and Barry Lyga in passing.

My back and various joints are still recovering from walking for two days with bags of books in tow. The only question now is what book do I read next. (I'm nearly done with Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List.)

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