Thursday, July 5, 2007

Costumes in Summer

I hosted a Masked Ball today. The original concept for the program came about because a)the summer reading theme is mysteries and b)kids have costumes that they only get to wear once a year and it would be nice if they could get more use out of them, right? Yeah, ok, turns out most kids don't actually like costumes. It was a blast, even if the percentage of kids in costume was too low to actually do any costume related activities. We decorated masks, played musical statues (you can't have a ball without music), straw soccer*, shovelboard*, tic tac toe, and bottle bowling.

I had some teen helpers in the room and they were fantastic. I've been extremely scattered lately and they came up with a lot of great last minute improvements to my games.

*Both games found in the Great Big Book of Children's Games by Debra Wise.

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