Friday, July 6, 2007

The Friday Five

1. I bought a house. This has nothing to do with children's literature or librarianship, but it is why this blog (and everything else) has been suffering and will likely continue to suffer for a bit.

2. For example, my desk is a mess and I don't know where anything is at home.

3. Including my copies of the Harry Potter books. I'll need them very soon for a series of programs I've scheduled. (The library's copies are all checked out.)

4. I'm going on vacation next week. I haven't given much thought to whether I'll blog or not. I think it will depend on wireless access. Seven days to lay on the beach and make a dent in my stack of ARCs, while young relatives beg me to tell them stories. Fantastic!

5. We missed the fireworks. The ones we went to see were cancelled due to wind, but we saw plenty down the beach and across the bay. John Green vblogged about fireworks, reminding me of one of my most memorable 4th of Julys. I was driving from my parents' house on the east border of Indiana, back to my apartment in Indianapolis. For the whole drive I could see fireworks going off in the distance in any direction. Just amazing. So here's a familiar site, to me at least.

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