Friday, August 17, 2007

Five Programs from this week

1. I finally had the code program I was researching a while ago. This was a mixed bag. I had about fifteen kids, second-sixth grades, attend. We talked about codes and how they are everywhere (e.g. McDonald's arches). I had several different codes and ciphers posted around the room and messages for them to decipher. Some of the kids loved this, but I lost most of them when it got to them trying to decipher text on their own. All my fault. Not only did I not explain how deciphering (decoding) works very well, but I think my puzzles were a little to hard to. I'd definitely do this again, only much simpler.

2. Not A Box
This was one of my most successful programs to date. Inspired by Antoinette Portis's Not a Box I schlepped all the boxes I still had from moving into the library. Also, egg cartons, miscellaneous plastic lids, and toilet paper tubes. Then kids and parents went crazy. The end results included a very finely crafted pony (put together by three girls and their mother), the SS Imagination (with plenty of blasters attached) and a fashion show stage. Big mess, but plenty of reward.

3. Book Discussion #1 The Absent Author
Big dud. With low turn out and unenthusiastic kids no actual discussion took place. However, my wrap up activity (a sort of pictionary) was a big hit, as always.

4. Book Discussion #2 Flat Stanley
Another hit. Actual discussion took place! The kids weren't raising their hands and waiting for me to call on them, they were just talking! And then we made Flat Stanley versions of ourselves on big blue paper. They had so much fun with that there was no time for pictionary.

5. Summer wrap up concert. Not much to say about that, as it's not actually happened yet. I am looking forward to the ice cream though.


feefers said...

you are so good. i need inspiration. any cute ideas for a program on clothing? for preschool?

2ndGenLibrarian said...

Ummm. A costume party? A simple clothing relay race - maybe just a hat?
Books: Under My Hood I Have a Hat, Lily's Purple Plastic Purse, Charlie Needs a Cloak, Max's Dragon Shirt, Fancy Nancy, Mary Wore Her Red Dress and Henry Wore His Green Sneakers...
I'm thinking Raffi has a good song, but I can't remember what it is right now, and haven't the time to look it up. But email or IM me if you have more questions.

2ndGenLibrarian said...

For music:
Something in My Shoe and Mary Wore Her Red Dress by Raffi
Don't Dress Your Cat in an Apron from Free to Be
The Mitten Song and Let's Play in the Snow by Rachel Buchman

This is just what's on my iPod, no real research.