Friday, August 17, 2007


The third in the wildly popular vampire series by Stephenie Meyer. My anticipation for this book would have been exquisite, were it not for another little title published in July. I was an early fan of these vampire books for people who don't like vampires, having picked up Twilight, the first in the series at midwinter. I thought I raved about it ad naseum on both my personal blog and in RL, but all I could find on the blog was "As usual my favorite part of the conference was going to the exhibits. I picked up 41 advance reader copies. (What a task it was to pack those up, especially with the new clothing!*) Most are YA books that probably aren't spectacular. Right now, I'm enjoying Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (another vampire book)**."

What can be said about this third installment, that hasn't already been said?
  • As usual the book is lengthier, perhaps, than the story needs, yet nearly every page is delicious.
  • My distaste for Jacob was solidified completely by his inability to distinguish Bella's pushing away from passion.
  • And yes, Bella does a bit too much whinging for my taste.
  • The exposition, I'm sure was interesting, but I skipped some of it.
So, despite all this, why did I adore the book? Why am I already anxious for book 4? The exhilaration of the action, the edge of your seat anticipation. Also, the stupid, but beautiful all consuming love that is Edward/Bella. When I think about it logically the relationship is suffocating and the worst kind of codependence. But reading it, I lap it up, I want more. And so do most of the people I've discussed the book with.

On the other hand, bookshelves of doom has a different perspective.

*My luggage was lost so I was forced to buy new clothes to tide me over. What a trial!
**I'd recently read Vamped by David Sosnowski (may I just say I love the cover) and Sunshine by Robin McKinley


feefers said...

Brace yourself, this isn't a good review:

Finally finished Eclipse... I can't say that I loved it. It paled in comparison to the first two books for me. Unlike Harry Potter, I did not enjoy the length of this book. It was way too long. She didn't need all of the filler to get to the point. I liked Jacob a lot in New Moon, but I felt that she was trying to make us hate him in Eclipse because she made Jacob seem too right for Bella which took away from the Bella/Edward "true love" scenario. Bella was annoying in this one. And the way it was written made me come away with the feeling that their "love" is obsessive and unhealthy. And why not wrap it up in book 3? Twilight and New Moon felt like a solid beginning and middle, but it looks like I have to keep waiting for a solid end.

See! Not a good review from me at all. I devoured Twilight and New Moon. Loved them! Eclipse took me about two weeks. I read the first 300 pages so quickly and slowed down when I felt like I was wading through sludge. I feel that I could have skipped at least 200 pages and not have missed anything.

Make me feel differently. Please...

2ndGenLibrarian said...

I'm not sure that I can. Much of what you say is true. Edward/Bella is so ickily codependent and Jacob flips between lovable best friend and scary stalker.

And yet, my brain is able to ignore all that, devour the book and still be anxiously awaiting the next one. I have a very high tolerance for good series going bad. See Alias.