Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Musing: Communication and The Lemonade War

I'm still hung up on the whole idea of how we communicate. I'm having that feeling I first had in college, that everything is connected and an idea you encounter one place will pop up somewhere completely unexpected, everywhere, really.

1) the code program I hosted got me thinking about different forms of communication and how all language is a code, if not a secret one

2) I watched a documentary on the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and I noticed, again, the frequent use of sound effects in Japanese conversation.

3) Improving Your Storytelling does a great deal of talking about how story is told/communicated through intonation and body language, etc.

Though not all communication is a choice, what do the choices we make in how we communicate say about us? I'm reading The Lemonade War, and like a lot of conflicts the one is this book is fueled by the inability to correctly interpret another's actions.

How about how an author chooses to tell a story to the audience? Davies choose to put a lot of sound into The Lemonade War, describing the sound of a chair dragged across the floor, a baseball being caught, a downpour. . . She could have choosen to emphasis taste or weather or nothing at all, but she gives an almost aural element to reading written text. Why?

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