Friday, August 31, 2007

The Friday Five - Change

Ahh, the first week of school. How I remember it well. . . oh wait, I actually don't. But I can imagine the excitement and nervousness that comes with a new school year. While nieces Ginny and Nancy started school three weeks ago, the kids here are headed back after the holiday. Some of them are looking forward to going back and some are clearly less than thrilled, but they all seem to exude a nervous excitement. Summer is winding down and change is in the air. Change is an inevitable fact of life, yes?

So, some of the changes going on around here are:

1. The weather. Very few good beach days are left.

2. Summer reading is over after today. So is all our summer programming.

3. Soon the book report and homework questions will start again.

4. In a large system in which there is constant personnel change, the rate of change seems especially high right now. My department will soon be short three people, unless one of those positions gets filled.

5. This of course means there's even more change on the horizon. I think I'll choose to embrace this change and be excited by the possibilities, rather than petrified by the unknown.

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