Thursday, September 6, 2007

Animal Stories

I've been haphazardly working on my storytelling repertoire for the past couple of years, and to be very honest it has not grown by any significant measure. However, my storytelling skill has increased.

Last night I held a storytelling program for slightly more than a handful of kids. I started off with the Gunniwolf, followed by Little Red Riding Hood, Pickin' Peas by Margaret Read MacDonald and a personal story about running into a couple of bears in Alaska. I had to cut the event short and did not get to share any of the other stories I'd planned.

I should have known when I started that my intensity would be low, I do have severe neck pain and low mobility right now. Because I felt different my stories were different. I know that every time I tell my performance varies, but this was the first time physical impairment has contributed. Even though I forgot to mention why the little girl wasn't to go in to the forest and fumbled for the song lyrics in Pickin' Peas and couldn't quite get the fear into my bear story I got gasps and chuckles and kids singing along. (I also received a compliment from one of the mothers in attendance.)

As with any endeavor, I'm more critical of myself than anyone else could possibly be. So I start today with a renewed dedication in improving my storytelling, but I may have to wait til after a visit to the chiropractor. Apparently my storytelling posture doesn't help the neck.

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