Tuesday, September 11, 2007


October seems to be the month for children's and teen literature activities. I only wish I could participate in them all: Kidlitosphere Conference, NYPL Bookfest, National Bookfest, Books for the Beast. Plus the local and national storytelling festivals are occurring.

I'd originally planned on attending the National Storytelling Festival in Tennessee and actually have a friend who lives not too far away that I haven't seen in many years, but alas the budget would not permit me to go. So instead . . . "while papa shaved his whiskers". (Whoops I'm not actually in the middle of reading Baby Danced the Polka, a great read aloud.) So instead I'm going to the Kidliotsphere Conference in Chicago. I'm really looking forward to it, but also a teensy bit nervous, because, let's face it this blog is merely stumbling along.

I'm also preparing for the NYPL Bookfest. I just finished the last of the books for my discussion group and am debating rereading a couple (Uglies and Rash) that I haven't read for a while. I've been in such a reading slump that rereading anything seems like a waste of time right now, when there's so much potentially good stuff piled up.

It is very difficult for me to pass stuff up, whether it be a fantastic shoe sale, the coolest new gadget, or a gathering of children's literature people. The latter being just about my favorite thing on earth means October could be a very busy month for me. But I'm restraining myself, because I don't want to cross the line of being too busy. Then nothing is as enjoyable as it should be.

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