Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Five - Food Edition

There are some things that seem to go hand and hand with libraries and/or librarians. Cats, coffee and good food. (This may be entirely inaccurate and only seem like the case because a good proportion of the people I know are librarians.) Anyway, thus the focus on food today.

1. A group of librarians in my system have started gathering monthly for a sort of epicurean club. This, our second month, is Italian. Yum! (I'm trying to decide between Japanese and southern when it's my turn to host.)

2. One of my most successful programs was a cooking program. We made pumpkin pancakes. Yum!! We of course read some great pancake books, my favorite being Pancakes for Breakfast by Tomie dePaola. And a decent picture of me ended up in the local paper.

3. There seems to always be food around libraries. When I was a kid the library staff where my dad worked turned every coffee break into a party, complete with baked goods. It's not much different here. Which doesn't help in the whole fitting in to pants issue, but does increase morale on gray rainy days.

4. I went to a smaller branch in our system this week, in search of a particular cookbook. Despite the fact that the library is much smaller than ours the selection of cookbooks was still mind boggling. How do you know what's good? I've always just stumbled upon my favorite cookbooks. Who know a gag gift of Cooking with Friends would turn out to be a gold mine of yummies.

5. Fairy Tale Feasts is a delightful book, great recipes and great stories. I love the concept. Except, how many kids will really be interested in "Seaweed Stuffed Shells", "Mashed Turnips" and "Goat Cheese Sandwiches"? I'm fairly certain nieces Nancy and Ginny would have none of that.

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