Wednesday, October 17, 2007

CJRLC Tech Challenge 2

It looks there's another round of the CJRLC Tech Challenge. (The first one inspired me to start this blog.) I had to do a bit of poking around to find the new challenges. I'm excited that there are some new skillsets on here and am looking forward to expanding. Podcasting, here I come. Well, once I figure out what I want to say.

The Challenge
1. Register with Blogger another service, or WordPress and set up a blog, or use the blog you created before.
Post about joining Tech Challenge 2 and post once a week (or more!) for at least a month.

2. Check out some photo-editing programs.
Picnik ( and Fauxto ( are two good ones. Use one, or find your own, and edit some photos.
Link to your photos or embed them on your blog, & blog your experience. (Showing before and after photos might be cool!)

3. Discover podcasting.
Create and post a podcast of your own, or link to it from your blog - OR - find some info on podcasting ( and post about what libraries are doing with it, or your own ideas.

4. Learn about microblogging. - Watch for a workshop on this!
Check out Twitter ( and Jaiku ( and blog.

5. Do at least one of the following and share it with someone else:
Select something from Web 2.0 Awards (, explore & blog it.
Check out YouTube ( and find a video worth adding to your blog.
Mashups ( play with some and post on your blog.
Learn about wikis ( and blog about it.

6. Step into Social Networking - Watch for information and a workshop on this!

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Kyra said...

Thanks for the post - very interesting list of new tech ideas to try. I saw your earlier post on photo editing and that's what I'd like to learn. I'm not familar with the two sites you mention here .... Will need to try!

Thanks! Kyra