Friday, January 4, 2008

Engelbert Sneem and His Dream Vacuum Machine

Engelbert Sneem and His Dream Vacuum Machine by Mr. Daniel Postgate is my first favorite book of 2007. This charming and captivating British import tells the tale of Engelbert Sneem who is meaner than "rascals and robbers and cheaters and pinchers" as he steals dreams from children. Sneem is a Grinch, or Scrooge if you will, who learns his lesson in the end. With the potential of being horrific in the beginning and saccharine sweet at the end Mr. Daniel Postgate has amazingly avoided both.

The bright illustrations* and cartoonish look of Engelbert Sneem help keep the tone light. The rhyming text (also reminiscent of the Grinch) is fun to read, though occasionally tongue twisting. I'll have to practice, but I can't wait to share this with kids!

*Also by Mr. Daniel Postgate

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