Saturday, May 10, 2008

This Blog and 48 Hr Reading Challenge

My previous post reminded me of something I've been thinking about a lot and have been meaning to post about. Namely, this blog. My posting, as you can see, has become more and more sporadic and less and less meaningful. I'm dissatisfied with myself. The reasons are many. I've become disillusioned with blogging in general. I have less and less time. Not to mention, I'm kind of burnt out on the work front. As summer rolls around I have more time (believe it or not) and more energy. I don't want abandon this blog, but I do have several things to consider.
  1. Wordpress is pretty (and has more functionality) - I've considered migrating
  2. Posting schedule or lack thereof - I'm tired of experiencing guilt and self-consciousness
  3. Purpose and type of content - more on this later
I plan to take part in the 3rd Annual 48 Hour Reading Challenge. Perhaps that will renew my blogging enthusiasm, perhaps it will not. Let's just hope my epicurean club is not scheduled for the same weekend.

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