Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Big Question

I've just stumbled upon the most intriguing 2005 import, The Big Question by Wolf Erlbruch.

It's an odd size, in odd colors with odd text, at least compared to the multitude of American picture books I'm used to. Each two page spread contains the figure of a single person or animal and their answer to "The Big Question". The question is never stated in the book, but is clearly "Why am I alive?" The gardener's answer, "So that you may learn patience." The answers are by turn funny and mind-blowing.

I'm fascinated and unable to ferret out an audience for this slim volume. At what age would children get this book? At what age would they appreciate it? Can they appreciate it without getting it? I want to test it out. The inclusion of Death as a character makes it a tricky choice for storytime. Does anyone else have experience with this book and care to share?

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