Thursday, February 1, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

July 21!

I was being cautious in my personal guesses as to when the book would be published and this is much sooner than I thought. My wildest dreams were July 31, but I wasn't really serious about that. Why not July 31, I wonder. Anyway, yay!

It's one step closer to here. To being over. :( (I make no predictions about what will happen. Though I don't mind hearing other people's ideas.)

I've often wondered what impact Harry Potter has had on my life. It could be possible that it helped me on the way to becoming a children's librarian. It's what got me started reading literature for young people again. I think it was in a haze of madly rereading books 1-3 my senior year at college that I first had the epiphany of what a fantastic job this would be. Of course, I didn't make the decision to be a children's librarian until two years later, but I do remember that moment of epiphany.

Perhaps I'd be a children's librarian even had I not fallen in love with Harry's world. Perhaps I just want it to have had that profound of an effect on me. At least if it were true it's impact would be concrete. (As if ending up with three copies of Half-Blood Prince, all of which I purchased*, weren't proof enough.)

*This is an incredibly embarrassing example of my lack of will power and my unwillingness to wait. Oh, and the power of "special edition".

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