Friday, December 14, 2007

Poetry Friday

Twas the morning of our holiday breakfast
Where gathered every bibliophile and book enthusiast

The librarians were dressed to the nines
In giddy delight, not thinking of fines

The room was buzzing with chatter and cheer
As we gather like this only once a year

Our director was present and eager to lead
The festivities started and we started to feed

The eggs and the toast were too hard, the bacon too squishy
But for once we didn't worry about things getting phishy

A talented bunch, entertainment was key
Like a Green brother says, librarians party

After we had fed and caffeinated ourselves
We honored those in charge of our shelves

Awards were awarded and staff members favored
The recipients waltzed to the stage, good humored

Where service and loyalty were much esteemed
The audience approved and virtually beamed

And then it was over, another morn complete
I can only hope next year is equally sweet

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